As part of the Bishop of Oxford’s invitation to everyone in the diocese to explore the Beatitudes, Bishop Steven has written a three-session course which can be used at Advent. It is a 32 page booklet and is suitable for small groups.

The booklet costs £2.50 for each person and more than 2,700 copies have been ordered already. Order online or call in to Church House in Oxford during office hourse to purchase a copy.

Bishop Steven said: ‘I’m hoping churches will use this specially written resource to help them study and understand the Beatitudes. For me the Beatitudes have eight beautiful qualities, but eight is quite a lot to remember so I’ve been keen to capture what they mean in three words: contemplative, compassionate and courageous.

‘I want people to be asking what do these words teach us and tell us about Jesus, what do they tell us about being human in the 21st century and what do they tell us about what kind of Church we’re called to be.’

Supporting material in the form of audio and video resources will be published in early November

Visit the Diocese website for the latest information. (Visit)

Download or view the booklet here (PDF Download)




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