Is the website for office holders in the Church of England. It can be used to securely view information such as their diocesan Directory as well as submit information online such as Statistics for Mission or Articles of Enquiry.  To use this site you will need to create an account using an e-mail address that is known to your Diocesan Office.

The website can be accessed from the following link – Parish Info (Select)


Parish Returns

Statistics for Mission are all about membership and attendance at church. The information collected provides the latest figures on attendance at Church of England services, and the numbers of baptisms, marriages and funerals that have taken place over the last year. In October, the C of E publishes the statistics from the previous year.  The statistics help paint a picture of participation in the C of E across the country. The figures help identify trends and spot mission opportunities. They make it possible to plan in terms of clergy deployment.

Parish Finance Returns are about your church finances. The financial figures help paint a picture of the Church’s finances at the grassroots. This is useful for a number of reasons. So if the Church nationally is to argue the case for Government help – such as in the matter of VAT relief on repairs – it bolsters our case if we have an accurate picture of the pressures at the local level.

Both Finance and Mission returns are accessible from the following link – Parish Returns (Select)


Parish Support

On the Parish support site you will find all the resources you need to help the running of your parish.  This includes providing financial, legal and administrative services, and advising on important areas such as children’s and youth work, social justice initiatives, safeguarding, communications, and supporting church schools in our deanery.

General information can be accessed on the following link – Parish Support (Select)

PCC resources can be found on the following link – PCC Resources (Select)


DAC (Church buildings)

The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) advises on applications for faculties and List B works. They meet once a month to consider the faculty applications (except for August). Applications for faculties should be submitted to the DAC for their feedback and recommendation before they are sent to the Diocesan Registry.  We encourage you to contact the office at an early stage, especially if you are considering a major project.

Support information can be found on the following website – Diocese of Oxford DAC (Select)