Within the Church of England every church building must be inspected by an architect or chartered building surveyor approved by the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) every five years.

This regular system of review is designed to ensure that church buildings are kept in good repair.

The pages on the left will help you to find out about working with your professional adviser, preparing for and receiving the report.

Consultation on the Quinquennial Inspection system
The Church Buildings Council has worked with dioceses and with external partners to produce new draft guidance on:

  • The commissioning of Quinquennial Inspection reports (PDF download)
  • A model scheme for deanery (PDF download)
  • A new online template to be hosted on the Church Heritage Record (PDF download)

Responses are welcomed from all individuals and bodies concerned with the operation of this system. Please write or e-mail your comments to Mr Ian Shorrocks as Quinquennial Inspections Officer (using the contact form below) or email direct RDG_QIO@readingdeanery.org.uk.

The replaces replaces guidance issued previously by the diocese, including that in the booklet A Guide to Church Inspection and Repair, (Church House Publishing, 1995).

The Church of England’s quinquennial inspection system provides for the inspection of church buildings every five years by an architect or chartered building surveyor (hereafter referred to as ‘professional advisers’ approved by the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC).

The quinquennial report is one of the key documents which assists the Parochial Church Council (PCC) in the care and repair of a church building, for which it is legally responsible. It gives a snapshot of the repair needs of the building, and lists the repairs required according to their priority.

It is also read by the DAC, the archdeacon and by any grant-giving bodies which the PCC approaches.

  • Use this link to access the full guidance on the Quinquennial Inspection Report (PDF download)

The forms below will help you to navigate the Quinquennial Inspection process:

  • A draft letter template of appointment for your architect/surveyor. (PDF download)
  • Proforma download for the Quinquennial Inspection Report. (PDF download)

All documents provided here originated from the Church Care website (www.churchcare.co.uk) where additional information may be found.

To submit or request further information use the contact form below (or mail direct to RDG_QIO@readingdeanery.org.uk):

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