Inventory and Log Book

Here is a ‘sample inventory and log book’ to make your lives easier.  This document has been kindly supplied by fellow deaneries and can be used in its full form or parts of it taken and adapted for your own use. The benefit of this form is that it makes preparing for the visits super easy and keeps everything up to date and together ready for when you need to lay your hands on the information. This is not obligatory, just for you to look at or use as you see fit for your own context.


Risk Assessment Checklist

The law requires that premises have had a risk assessment carried out on them as part of the duty of care to others. The risk assessment must be up to date and be available for inspection should an Environmental Health Officer asks to see it. To help our churches we have developed a risk assessment document that can be used as a basis for your own church. We advise you to go through this list and modify it to suit your own situation as we cannot accept any responsibility for any omissions or inaccuracies that it might contain. You can download the risk assessment document by clicking here.


Arson and Malicious Damage

May we draw your attention to a warning from Ecclesiastical Insurance of the increasing Arson and Malicious damage attacks over the past few months. Ecclesiastical have produced guidance notes which can be downloaded by clicking here.


Ecclesiastical Insurance and Safewater

Ecclesiastical will no longer pay out on claims for theft of metal if the Smartwater system has not been used and the Church has not registered with Smartwater. During our Deanery visitations we shall be asking Churchwardens to confirm that these arrangements are in place. Note there is a cap of £5,000 for any one claim.